Learn how to organize classes with students in the field of Robotics & STEM.

Working with students in the field of robotics is hard, but rewarding. Information and options are more than overwhelming. And you don`t have to do it alone.

We provide business owners, public/private schools and NGO organizations with everything they need to professionally organize classes with students in the field of robotics.


The Best way to build a school of robotics

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Every organization needs 3 things:

(and we provide all of them)


Training and Certification

We train, certify and support mentors that take classes with students. No need for them to be robotics experts. All technical challenges are handled by us.


Curriculum and Materials

We provide easy access to structured materials for every class. Designed to be used in groups and individually. Quick feedback to students and parents.


Infrastructure and Brand

We support your organization from the moment of initial marketing of classes to certification of students. Brand, sites, social networks, management of students and parents. You don`t have to setup and worry about anything.


We are recognized by the business community and the government.

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Special award for a socially responsible business

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How it works

Robopartans Local Academy - everything you need to build your school of robotics


Make a difference. Start a socially responsible business. Differentiate your organization.

Organize a school of robotics in less than two months

Interest - robotics is the next big thing. You can build an after school activities business or introduce robotics in your existing organization. We provide you with solution to this challenge.

Apply - you apply for a Robopartans Local Academy franchise, license or specific support. You make the initial investment and retain full control over your organization. We train and certify the teachers and administrators of the academy and support you in every step. The service is tailored specifically to your needs.

Classes - all materials are classified and arranged in levels. Each level corresponds to the age and needs of the students. We can also handle students registration, feedback to parents and overall administration of the course.

Certification - students are certified. Every student who successfully passes their course(s) receives an electronic certificate for their knowledge. At a convenient time for everyone.

Support - we handle the technical challenges, administration, marketing materials and branding. The curriculum is constantly being updated and new classes and levels are developed. The infrastructure handles everything for you - registration, feedback to students and parents, newsletters, certification and much more.

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